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Every Soul has it's own path, hence every Client has a unique experience with us. In some cases we offer Healing, while with others  we may offer forms of Revocation and Cleansing, We offer standard investigation and individual care. There is no cookie cutter approach. Light or Dark matters little, as  we employ both in our dealings.

About Us


We are a Paranormal Research firm who is willing to help those plagued by paranormal activity we are well versed in documenting claims of the paranormal. If you feel you need assistance in dealing with the “unexplained” you may contact us. Be mindful that we are very selective in choosing our clientele. We use time honored and tested techniques in our methodology. Chances are you won’t see us with modern gadgets. We won’t be in your residence or place of business for hours at a time riding out an investigation from midnight into dawn. We have deep roots and varied experience in this field.

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If your case is chosen for review you will be contacted. A plan of action will be formed and you will be given specific instruction pertaining to your role. After the initial resolution, you will be given instruction in moving forward. You will have access to us, should need arise, until said time you feel you no longer require our service with the matter.


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